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The very first Entry.

Hi all,

Note: In order to see all other messages, this community requires you friend this community as well as join. Just simply click on little "friend plus" button on the user-info page. ^^

Welcome to the Donald O'Connor LJ Community! I noticed that there wasn't already one for Mr O'Connor, so I decided to do the right thing and make one, since it's a crime against nature not to have a place dedicated to the man himself! ^^

In this community, feel free to post any icons, pictures, information or just a post to start a chat about Donald O'Connor. I'm a little against advertising, so I'd be grateful if you didn't do it here, unless it's something that is connected to Donald O'Connor, like a Francis community or whatever.

Anyway, enjoy yourselves and let's get started!

-Blackat81, Moderator and owner.
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