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Call Me Madam

Since I'm guessing that Libby got to see Call Me Madadam this morning, we can now have a proper talk about it!

Let's start the ball rolling-

What was your favourite scene?

What did you think of Donald's glasses?

Any Donald moments that you particularly liked? Eg - line readings?

What's your verdict on the "What chance have I with love?" scene?

etc etc. Make up your own questions of course! My answers-

My favourite scene is a tie between the outdoors (okay, well it was a set but it was supposed to be outdoors!) version of "it's a lovely day today" and "what chance have I with love?" Both are equally great in their own rights, and Donald shines in both of them! Two different dancing styles though - I think this is the first time I've seen him do ballroom type dancing! And his "drunk-dancing-tapping" in "what chance with I with love?" was so adorable!

Donald's glasses - I was expecting them to be circular in shape, like Harry Potter's because I've only seen one still from this movie, and it was from the "You're just in love" scene where he wears his glasses and they looked kinda circular shaped to me. But when I saw the film, I was really surprised how much they suited him! I must say, he looked a little bit like my Dad when he was younger. XD

Hmm, Donald moments. I like the part where he says to the Princess something along the lines of "I don't mind going somewhere private" after she says they can't be seen in public together. It was a quick line, but the way he said it was....okay, indescribable, but you guys are girls right? You know what I mean. :P
I also loved his acting in the scenes where he and Maria are in the Wine Cellar - he makes it seems really believable that Ken is deeply in love with her, but Donald is a good actor so you couldn't expect any less!

I loved the "What chance have I with love?" scene! He is just so adorable when he's drunk (that didn't sound right :P), and his reaction when all the balloons start falling was just perfect! And did anyone start thinking of Gene Kelly when he was hanging off that lamp post and playing the xylaphone? Okay, I've seen it too many times. XD
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