love4deppenport (love4deppenport) wrote in donald_o,

Donald Questions... Any Answers??

So I have been a fan for about a year or so, and I own SITR, Call Me Madam, No Business, Anything Goes, and Out to Sea. I was wondering which others are available to buy on DVD besides those.

I was also wondering about any posters?? Like when his movies came out back when, did they make movie posters to hang up like they do now?? And are they very hard to come by??

And also, is anyone else SUPER-EXCITED that Double Crossbones is coming out on DVD?!?!? Cause I sure am!! Don as a dancin' singin' pirate.. it dont get much better than that!! lol.

Oh, and the more I browse this group, the more I get the feeling its dead... any Donald fans still out there...???
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