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I've been lurking a bit, but I thought I'd introduce myself. Sort of.

Actually, I had my scanner working for a milisecond and scanned in a few pictures from my clippings collection.

I don't have the entire article they came from (I only have the partial article), but what I have is adorable. I only wish it hadn't been separated.

Couple months ago, Don arrived at Gloria Jean's house to take her to the movies, forgot wallet, blushingly accepted loan from Gloria's pop. Most valued possession: gun that belonged to John Barrymore, whom he hero-worshipped, given him by Diana.

After scanning date possibilities at the studio, Don found gal who looked young enough, asked her out, found she'd been married a couple of years. (With Annie Rooney, niece Patsy and Gwen.)

First time Don saw himself on screen, he gulped "Who's that stupid looking punk?" - then slunk out. The "punk's" next pic for Univ. "This is the Life."

If anyone is interested, I can type of a few more articles (including the bits left of this one), as I recently came into possession of a large collection of them. I'll try and scan some more pictures as soon as my scanner decides to work properly again.
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